Our Services:

We provide cutting-edge solutions to your business needs while safeguarding your return-on-investment.

  1. Sport content creation, production and distribution:

We ensure that every thrilling sporting moment can reach the sports fans across the country and this is achieved on our online sports website _

Started in 2020, the website publishes the local sports content and updates throughout the day in the scope of the digital era’s online journalism.

Our passion is to build an accurate online sports news media brand that combines the aptitude and unique style, with the creativity and accuracy to help in the professionalizing the sport industry in Uganda through providing customized professional services to various sports associates.


We mold our content to provide as diverse sports reporting and sports associated services as is possible. However, is not only interested in informing, educating or entertaining the public through sports but also offers amazing business/advertising packages to help you sell your company image, products or services.

Our website is one of the most visited websites in the Uganda; offering potential business / advertisers the utmost value for their money. Put your money where you customers are!

In addition to the, we also develop integrated strategies to help our clients and partners navigate the broadcast and digital space; thanks to our passion and expertise in content creation.

For our clients, we design and manage live streaming, social media platforms i.e You Tube channels, Twitter, Face book and digital syndication.

Our capabilities extend to creation of innovative and branded content and support of host broadcasters from design and planning of event delivery; to create exposure and value.

Advertise with us:

From sponsorship to branded content, or working with our unrivalled data, Sportz Now Media can help strengthen and deepen your campaigns.

Sportz Now Media’s premium online portfolio allows advertisers to reach over thousands of internet users every dayFrom Sportz Now Media homepage takeovers to native placements, these online touch points can help strengthen your campaign and reach your desired audience when they are not watching TV.

We’ll help your company develop a sports marketing strategy that achieves your business goals. Whether you need expert advice on anything from sponsorship, PR and events to business development and CSR, you can trust us to deliver

We know how to make sport work as a CSR asset for your staff, community or chosen charity.

Reach us through our various contacts for more information about advertising opportunities at

Rules for comments and discussions on our site:

We are glad you're here--and can't wait to know what you think about our stories; but reacting or giving your view or option please remember to be objective, genuine, polite, think before you write and finally submit your response in English language.

Note: Offenders SHALL be banned from posting comments.

  1. Sports media production:
  1. Professional Sports Videos:

Where a picture speaks a thousand words, a video brings an entire world to life!  SPORTZ NOW looks forward to filming many sports events as well as developing High School highlight videos and even player videos that can put young talent on display for Colleges and the Pros.

Today, keepsakes can be visual.  Whether you’re celebrating your club’s anniversary, an exceptional achievement, or a ceremony honoring your contributions to the community, let SPORTZ NOW capture the event for posterity.  Add digital effects, music, and professional narration and you have an archive quality video.

Whether yours is a six months commitment for a major documentary or simply preserving the precious memories of a special event on video, SPORTZ NOW provides both the service and the product that will be remembered for a lifetime.

  1. Advertising and Marketing Videos:

Your products and services deserve to be presented in their best light, with a passion and clarity that engages potential clients and helps convert them to loyal customers.  SPORTZ NOW can help. 

  1. Web & YouTube Videos:

More than ever, and expected to expand almost infinitely, people search the web for product, instructional, and informational videos.  Shouldn’t you have videos where your potential customers are searching?  SPORTSZ NOW has the capacity and expertise in the style of short, informative video most prized on the web. 

  1. Sports Media Relations:

In modern sports management, they should be an accountable party to help connect the athlete / organization and the media.

We share ensure that the media is well-informed about the athlete or organization as well as monitor the athlete’s or organization’s presence on the internet and social media.

Our aim will be to create and maintain positive relationships between the athlete or organization and media outlets, such as newspapers and broadcasters through various means of communication like news conferences, press releases, email, and phone or in-person conversations; in hopes of achieving a larger audience.

We will tailor your social media, email marketing and presentations specifically to your brand and audience. We will train your team to then manage your social media programs.

  1. Sports Events and Property Management.

Need to revamp an existing event for better commercial returns? Looking for an imaginative way to engage your clients? Or to run a charity event that inspires the public to get involved? We devise effective solutions for brands, rights holders and governments alike.

We create one of kind experiences for fans and athletes alike that offers additional sources of revenue for our clients.

We also own, organize and produce prestigious programs of innovative and live events.

We ensure that events help clients reach their sales, sponsorship and media objectives and our ambition here is; to create enjoyable experiences for our clients.

We work with clients to turn ideals into events through creating original concepts with tight planning, organization and stakeholder relations to produce one-of-a kind moments for athletes, brands and cooperates. Our pre-planning consulting approach helps us to keep the clients informed right from the beginning of a project. We prepare and execute project analysis, site analysis, and market intelligence to ensure a project is feasible and follows strategic approach from the start.

Every sport activity or event needs a stage. We therefore provide consulting services, commercialize, operate and manage planning and organization aspects of arenas and stadia.

Creatively managed sports venues allow the opportunity for additional revenue.

  1. Sport Marketing, Sponsorship and Brand partnerships:


We use sport to create exciting partnership between brands and leading rights holders and we take it step by step from enhancing engagement to building lasting connections.


We focus on the promotion of sports events, athletes and teams as well as the promotion of other products and services through sporting events and sports teams in order to meet the needs and wants of the consumers through exchange processes.


The biggest advantage of sports marketing is that it helps the team, athlete or event attract the popularity and devotion the public feel towards themselves.

Sports marketing takes many different forms like sell advertising space inside in their stadiums, shirt sponsorship, and endorsement among others to help sell goods and services.

We work closely with rights holders to create exciting partnerships with brands that inspire and engage audiences which in turn create valuable exposure and revenues.

By understanding our clients’ needs and objectives, we ensure rights are partnered to the relevant brands. 

  1. Sports Public Relations and Communications:

We specialize in the development of communication projects through engaging media, ensuring that your audience will actively pay attention to and interact with your message.

We know our customers are looking for state of the art solutions that will keep their audiences engaged as they communicate their message through clear, concise content and continuous activity and interaction.

Our most successful work is when PR and advertising is totally integrated and aligned for seamless executions based on the exact-same strategic objectives.

Our areas of expertise in Public Relations and communications include:

  • Media relations and publicity
  • Press releases
  • Editorials
  • Advertorials
  • Newsletters
  1. TV commercial Production:

Television remains an exceptional media for reaching broad audiences.  With the rise of cable and increased on-air competition, TV commercials are more affordable than ever before.  If you’ve considered commercial TV out of reach, think again!  Let SPORTZ NOW show you how affordable and hassle free your entry into TV can be.

For quality, editing, and cinematic style you’ll be delighted by what SPORTZ NOW can do for you. Our expert guidance starts and isn’t limited to;

  • Refining and developing a concept.
  • Scripting and Storyboarding.
  • Scene composition.
  • Casting professional talent or getting the most out of your own people.
  • Production and post-production.
  • Professional Voice-Over.

SPORTZ NOW can also show you how your television commercial can be adapted to be used on the Web or be burned to DVD and included in promotional packages.

Put your company or product on the home screen!  SPORTZ NOW for an effective, affordable, and stress free entry into the world of television commercials!

  1. Awards:

SPORTZ NOW AWARDS is a platform we use to recognize, motivate, promote, reward and celebrate exceptional sports personalities.


It is unique, different and exclusive to only players in the top flight playing divisions from disciplines that have national events. These awards are given on a monthly and annual basis.


The SPORTZ NOW AWARDS are the only monthly sports awards in the Ugandan sports industry covering the major sports disciplines of football, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby and Cricket.


We are managing the awards to gain an incredible marketing platform for Uganda sports talent and with no doubt; the SPORTZ NOW AWARDS will start representing a meaningful game-charger in life and career of our sportsmen.


In 2022, the SPORTZ NOW MEDIA are planning to introduce a grand annual ceremony SPORTZ NOW AWARDS best of the Year Talent Awards that will be held in every December.


Nominations / Voting: Voting opens as soon as our team comes up with a list of nominees (4) and it is done on all our social media platforms for a period of one week and this contributes 60%; with the rest coming from our technical team and finally a winner is determined and thereafter crowned in the second week of the following month.


Note: We have the Fred Ssekito Sport Journalist Honorary Award; this is given to an outstanding sports journalist. It is named in honor of legendary sports journalist Fred Ssekito who founded the Uganda Sports Press Association.


SPORTZ NOW stands to change the role and impact of sports on the communities of Uganda.


  1. Sports Research consultancy and innovation in sport:

Sport has significant economic impact through, for example, innovative sports products, events and facilities. The government promotes innovation and sports research with a view to helping elite athletes get better results and promoting participation in sports. But supporting the sports sector also has economic and public health benefits.

We combine creativity, tools, methodology and technology to develop high quality, innovative projects.

Our focus mainly is on;

  • Business opportunities at major sporting events for example many businesses today are using sporting organizations and events to promote their image, services and products.
  • Collecting data in order to formulate an effective sports policy and any other data since it useful and needed by sports shareholders and associates.
  • Innovation in sport like technological developments that can help Ugandan elite athletes and organizations get better results, and also make sport and physical activity easier and more enjoyable for people in general.
  • Sports research in areas like boosting performance (especially at elite level), increasing participation in sport, the importance of sport within the community and promoting vitality and health through sport and physical activity.
  • Acquire and sharing knowledge about sport so that the people involved in sport professionally have reliable information and can keep up with the latest scientific insights. We are working on a portal providing comprehensive information about sport and physical activity.

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Sportz Now Media the ideal choice for a consulting firm to manage the implementation of your success in sports organizations.

  1. Sports Tourism:

Tourism and sports are interrelated and complementary. Sports as a professional, amateur or leisure activity involves a considerable amount of traveling to play or watch games in different places.

Many sporting events, such as the Uganda Cup, Uganda Premier League, Masaza Cup among others have become powerful tourism attractions in themselves; making a very positive contribution to the tourism image of the host destination.

We give and aid tourism by giving information on the sporting activities like league matches, tournaments and festivals in the country and well as making arrangement for the public to visit sports halls of fame, famous sports venue and meeting with various sports personalities among others.

Actually we at Sportz Now Media share the belief that sports tourism is the fastest growing segment within the travel industry today, generating lots of money year after year. It is a trend that’s not going away and is expected to continue growing.

  1. Visual Digital Online Sports Museum:

A museum is an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, sporting or scientific importance.

The Sportz Now Visual Digital Online Sports Museum is the repository of memory and is dedicated to Ugandan sports features, exhibitions and galleries of items related to mainly celebrating our heritage and the unique brand of teamwork, determination, responsibility, courage, fairness, and other qualities of character possessed by our teams and athletes that make Uganda "The Greatest Sports Country in East and Central Africa."

The essential purpose of the Sportz Now Visual Digital Online Sports Museum is to share knowledge and to transmit it to future generations.

Fun for all Ugandans and people outside Uganda, this museum highlights Uganda’s past and present athletes, teams and events through photo, audio, written and video footage.

Equally important, we use this distinctly rich heritage to help build character in our future athletes. Do not hesitate to search and to explore our collections because our museum is constantly enriched with new discoveries.

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