By Alex Ssonko Guest Writer.

There's a tendency to lay all the blame on FUFA whenever the National Football Team (The  Cranes) fails to qualify for AFCON or when it performs worse than predicted in CHAN. Surprisingly, we barely consider fate! We always look for the minor weaknesses from the federation and we capitalize on them. We never do self evaluation to see how much we've supported our National Team or football at large.

I came to think about this when a friend of mine asked me how the Buganda and Kampala are two different regions in the FUFA Drum tournament. He frankly told me that he had just heard of the tournament for the first time, in spite of the fact that it started four years ago.

At least he has a clue what the FUFA Drum is, but I believe very many Ugandans are ignorant about the tournament.

At first I thought maybe the administration at FUFA has not done adequate publicity to make it known to the fans. On a second thought I remembered that the matches in this tournament are telecast live on FUFA TV! Information anent the FUFA Drum 2022 is there on the website, blogs and other social media platforms.

The tournament was intended to celebrate ancestry through our passion for football. Besides showing pride in one's culture and identity, it has other benefits like promoting discipline among the players and ensuring their form and physical fitness especially at such a time when the new football season is yet to commence officially.

Some soccer enthusiasts could even live-stream the pre-season matches for their best-loved European clubs, but cannot have the same passion for our local football. It's high time we started supporting all FUFA programs aimed at taking our football to another level, and then hold the federation accountable in case results are not realised. 

If we don't take up the cudgels for our football, no one from outside will come to champion its development.

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