About Sportz Now Media Limited.

We are a leading pro digital sports media and entertainment agency in Uganda with a number of experts dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs in the sports fraternity.

Registered by the Registrar of Companies on 13th.August.2020 and handed a certificate of incorporation; under registration number: 80020002631645; we run one of the fastest growing on-line local sports news agencies;

We also run an on-line local sports television via You Tube _ Sportz Media Uganda. It features preparations and highlights of the various sports events; informative and entertaining sports talks shows, features and news.

We believe that sports entertainment inspires passion and emotions that are very essential to enrich peoples’ lives and generate powerful collective experiences.

Sportz Now brings a fresh and innovative approach to sporting services. We exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding sports associated services, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

We dedicate our expertise and passion to provide our clients with privileged access to the infinite opportunities of sports and entertainment.

Our vision:

We aspire to be the leading local on-line sports news agency and sports support services’ company of Uganda for Uganda.

Our Mission:

To be the source of positive influence to sports associates by providing valuable, in-depth, accurate, incisive, agenda setting and timely sports content that informs, educates and entertains our audience.

Our values:

We are a team, Integrity and Accountability, Quality, Boldness and Authenticity, Continuous learning, Improvement & Innovation, Integrity & Ethics.

Our Services:

We provide cutting-edge solutions to the sports family which include among others; Sport content creation, production and distribution through our website and on-line sports TV via You Tube (Sportz Now Media).

We do Sports media production like Professional Sports Videos, Advertising and Marketing Videos, Web & YouTube Videos _ Sports Media Relations _ Sports Events and Property Management _ Sport Marketing, Sponsorship and Brand partnerships _ Sports Public Relations and Communications _ TV commercial Production _ Organize and manage Sports Awards _ Sports Research consultancy and innovation in sport _ Sports Tourism _ Visual Digital Online Sports Museum.

Our Team:

  1. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: Joseph Mary Ssempiira.
  2. CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICERS: Alan Joel Sewankambo

Advertise with us:

From sponsorship to branded content, or working with our unrivalled data, Sportz Now Media can help strengthen and deepen your campaigns.

Sportz Now Media’s premium online portfolio allows advertisers to reach over thousands of internet users every dayFrom Sportz Now Media homepage takeovers to native placements, these online touch points can help strengthen your campaign and reach your desired audience when they are not watching TV.

We’ll help your company develop a sports marketing strategy that achieves your business goals. Whether you need expert advice on anything from sponsorship, PR and events to business development and CSR, you can trust us to deliver

We know how to make sport work as a CSR asset for your staff, community or chosen charity.

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Our Contacts:

Telephone: 0779 19 49 22 , 0702 26 40 19 and 0753 591790.


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