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The first ever Football Administration and Management course officially came to a climax on Sunday with 44 participants.

The course that started on Friday. 5th up to  Sunday. 7th. August. 20222 aimed at improving on club administration and management.

The course attracted 44 participants took from Mukono District Football Association and others come from different districts in Uganda that plays football.

Of the 44 participants, 38 where men and 6 participants were women. 

In his remarks, the Chairman of Mukono District Football Association, Kivumbi Mahad Yusuf thanked the participants for taking part in the course and he promised them the the District FA with  work hand in hand with them to see that all football clubs in Mukono District FA have organized club structures like each club having a General Secretary who shall be mandated to help the club administration move in right direction.

Some of the participants of the football administrative course
some of the participants attending class.

The Chairman of Kayunga District Football Associations Mr. Steven Bogere Balikowa reminded the participants that all football administrators in the region must undertake such courses in before taking up positions of football administration and management.

"I am now going to do what I have got in this football management and administration course," Balikowa noted.

"I am so happy to have been part of this course. It has helped me discover things that I have not been doing in the right way but now, i am going back home to change the way things have been operating in Kyotera District," said Isaac Ogwanga, one of the participants from Kyotera District.

''We have given them all what is needed to make their clubs to become business clubs that will generate money," Said the Course Instructor Bainamani Bernard Bampaire.

"The course also touched many aspects of good governance in the Ugandan football that these people have been missing.

"They have been doing what they think was right but now they are going to go and do the right thing to promote the game," he added.

Story by Regan Kyanda Football Writer.

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