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The Mirimu Tournament returns after 3years since the outbreak of Ciovid-19. The tournament that was first played in 2018 brings teams from Gombe Division- Nansana Municipality with an aim of developing talent, meeting for fun and getting new connection.
The tournament organized by the Mayor Gombe Division Kasiriivu Ronald gives opportunity to everyone in the community under their professions or businesses to take part and have fun.

 “We are delighted to be back with our tournament after 3 years of break since the covid -19 time. Our first edition was great with huge numbers turning up to support their teams, it was a lot of fun seeing people coming together because of sports and this gave me more courage. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, every sporting event was affected globally and even here in Uganda. People have been struggling to get back to their feet so we were forced into a long break before we organize the second edition but here we now.”  Mayor Kasiriivu Ronald Chairperson Mirimu Tournament.

This second edition of the tournament will see 24 teams participating and the tournament will run for 5months started on Friday 21st July 2023 at Lwadda play ground in Matugga. Teams are seeded in 6 groups and 2 best teams with maximumpoints from each group will advance the round.
This year’s tournament is in high gear, unlike the previous one of 2018 where the winner walked away with goat. 2023 edition 2 winners take a bull, the runners up a set of jersey and all participating teams shall receive sponsor branded jersey set each.

Story by Jjuuko Joel Writer

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